Boijmans Collections Depot – teaser

The revolutionary new collections depot for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam opens later this year. Here is en evocative glimpse of the roof top. More about this remarkable project – [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]

fictive realism – Ray Harryhausen’s model making

There’s an exhibition of the stop-motion animation of Ray Harryhausen running at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art – [Link]. I vividly remember first seeing his magical movies in the 60s and 70s. The infamous fighting skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts (1963); Pegasus the winged horse in Clash of the Titans (1981). Paul Noble…

resonating pasts – Alan Moore

In our exploration of historical narrative, Gary Devore and I have been looking at the work of Alan Moore, graphic novelist. Of note is his Voice of the Fire (1996), a concatenation of voices echoing over 6000 years through Northampton, England, his home town. Here are a couple of pages in From Hell (1989-1996) conveying…

the valencies of Neo-Classical

I have been avoiding giving any attention to the last days of Trump. Jody Maxmin, however, directed me to an executive order this last weekend concerning classical architecture. Here’s the report in the New York Times: Trump Makes Classical Style the Default for Federal Buildings An executive order stopped short of banning modernist architecture, but…

In a world of things

A new video from Zoe Laughlin (Institute of Making), Mike Pearson (National Theatre of Wales), and John Rowley (artist, theatre maker, performer). Active matter, merging and fusions, processes and manipulations, experiences and immaterialities. An extraordinary exploration of lifeworld in times of viral pandemic. Watch out for our forthcoming “Thinking through Things” – [Link]