Current projects and their themes

  • Greece and Rome – [Link]
    a new model of antiquity
  • Borderlands – [Link]
    an archaeology
  • Design thinking and strategic foresight – [Link]
  • Methodology and pedagogy
    • Research Creation – [Link]
    • A personal pedagogical manifesto – [Link]
    • Creativity in Complexity. An edited book for MIT Press. In production – [Link]
  • Research creation – experiment – [Link]
    • Borderlands: topics and tropes – [Link]
    • et in Arcadia ego[Link]
    • Through a glass – [Link]
    • ROMA – [Link]
    • vox tantum atque ossa supersunt[Link]
    • So werd ich Todten-Kopff ein Englisch Antlitz seyn[Link]
    • Allegory – [Link]

People – [Link]

Project archive – [Link]


Here is a summary diagram of current and past projects, with themes, orientation and sponsors/partners.

(Click on all the following images to see a version in high resolution)

Connections, mindsets, topics

Here are three rough concept maps indicating some of the scope of the projects.

Concepts/conceits explored in current and past projects.
Aspects of the archaeological imagination explored in projects.
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