So werd ich Todten-Kopff ein Englisch Antlitz seyn

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Walter Benjamin. The Origin of German Tragic Drama (Trauerspiel). translated by John Osborne (London 1977) p215

so will I, a death’s head, become the face of an angel

quoting playwright Daniel Casper von Lohenstein
Redender Todten-Kopff Herrn Matthaus Mächners (the talking skull of Herr Mätthaus Machen) 1662

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St Cuthbert’s churchyard, Elsdon, Northumberland. Late eighteenth century. On a visit with Mike Pearson.
Routin Linn, Northumberland. Carved rock outcrop, dating back, potentially, to the fourth millennium BCE.

(mortuary) archaeology

Brith Gof Angels and Pax

The mother, the earth, the angel.

information systems – Serres

Project Borderlands – [Link]

Paul Klee. Death and Fire. 1940.
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