synchronicity – through a glass

Recent post about ATARAXIA – [Link] Return and revenance. My current exploration of synchronicity [Link] has taken me back. To a post in April 2015 [Link]. Instrumentalities. April 2006 Boonville California – Hasselblad 503CW camera (2000), Zeiss 120mm lens (2000), Hasselblad CFV digital back (2006) April 2015 Boonville California – Leica 90mm macro lens (2015)…

twelve years on

For twelve years and more I have been visiting a tree, every month or six weeks. And taking photographs – every one quite different. [Link] [Link] An apple tree in Anderson Valley in northern California, and a legacy of an old agricultural industry going back to the 1850s or 60s, now eclipsed by the grape….