Pearson|Shanks – Autosuggestion – the event

A wonderful and responsive audience.

We plan to have the script available very soon.

Just what is the automobile?

In this new work of theatre/archaeology — the rearticulation of fragments of the past as real-time event — Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks offer reflections on an itinerary that takes them from rural Lincolnshire in the 1950s through the industrial north of England and south Wales to California today. Along the way they offer commentaries on windshields and upholstery, nausea and the body politic, mirrors and engine parts, landscapes and the sublime, urban surveillance and provocation, door catches and handles, murder and assassination. In the background sits Bill Barranco’s 1956 Chevy in black primer paint with V8 hot-rodded big-block. And it all hangs from the realization that things are never what they seem.

Friday June 28 7.30 PM in the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (the For the 2013 meetings of Performance Studies International, and supported by the Revs Program at Stanford.









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