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This weekend at the meetings of Performance Studies International Bruce Tomb introduced us to Maria del Camino – a flying car!

Well, kind of!

This ’59 Cadillac is mounted on a hydraulic excavator, and is named in homage to Maria – human turned android in Fritz Lang’s 1927 science fiction movie Metropolis. Maria appears in pixellated form – drilled into the car body. And she’s now becoming kind of autonomous – remote controlled by iPhone!


Here is how Bruce describes it –

Maria del Camino is a love poem to the car and Her demise. This is a project acknowledging our relationship to the car as a tool; a social activator, altering the environment and our sense of freedom and adventure …

And now, on this 4th July, some of Bruce’s inspiration comes to mind. Independence Day 1975 – art cooperative/architecture, graphic arts, and environmental design practice Ant Farm presented Media Burn at the San Francisco Cow Palace – another futuristic Cadillac – driven into a pile of burning TV sets.


Here’s the original video edit –

Link – Media Burn by Ant Farm



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