The review of my work with Mike Pearson – theatre/archaeology, and more, is out this week in the collection Art and Archaeology: Collaborations, Conversations, Criticisms edited by Ian Russell and Andy Cochrane for Springer – [Link]

It all began twenty and more years ago, when Mike came to my department at University Wales Lampeter and introduced himself with a video. I watched Pax TV with fascination, but no real comprehension. Mike asked what I thought and I made some facile comment about the videography (camera facing down and tracking automatically across a room, rather than panning and tilting in relation to the subject). Mike’s comment was “we think this is what you do”!

And so started the conversation and collaboration.

(Pax TV, featuring Mike, was a video version by Cliff McLucas of a site specific work by performance company Brith Gof, founded by Mike).

Brith Gof – Pax TV from Michael Shanks on Vimeo.

Pax TV – an answer to the (archaeological) question – just how do you represent death, memory, what remains.

Here is a special illustrated version of the review:


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