d.school studio-based learning – feedback

It’s the end of our class in the d.school – Transformative Design.

We held the presentations on Monday. Today we shared feedback – it amounts to a great concise commentary on the strengths of the d.school process and design thinking, and more generally on studio-based/project-based interdisciplinary learning.

What we like:

  • listening to others, leaving oneself behind, getting out of the classroom on field research and ethnography
  • teamwork where everyone has something to offer, because everyone is an expert in some way
  • sharing – where the social skills of getting on with others are as important as technical expertise and domain-based knowledge
  • copying good ideas rather than being anxious about ownership and proprietary knowledge
  • empathy – experiencing someone else’s world
  • the challenge of documenting and representing someone else’s world – the importance of visualization, of using media well
  • getting on with things – building prototypes, with less emphasis on anticipation and preliminary analysis designed to get things right first time
  • being open to change and modification, getting things wrong as well as right, learning from failures
  • embracing the flow of process as much as end product
  • process as improvisation
  • collaborative critique – regularly sharing progress with other teams and teaching teams

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