Paul Noble – new work – interiors

Paul Noble’s latest work is now showing at the Gagosian Gallery in San Francisco – [Link]

G is for ear

Nobson New Town, Paul’s extraordinary world, appears in the drawings he has produced since the mid 1990s. I met Paul in 2013, wrote an essay for the great exhibition of his work at Boijmans Van Beuningen in 2014 [Link below], and we published an extended conversation about Nobson online – [Link] [Link – the exhibition]

One of the later large drawings of Nobson’s landscape/cityscape included a large leg emerging from a forest of leafless trees. In the foreground was a door in a frame, without a wall, just as the leg is without a body. In this latest series Paul is taking us into the interior world of Nobson by means of leg and door. It’s quite surreal, with word play, body parts, closed doors, and clocks stuck at Nobson’s universal time of 10.45 am, the time that daylight strikes an angle of 45 degrees. And a giant magic wand.

Wonderful stuff in the way of world building and cosmology.

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