Regency Café


Between Pimlico and Westminster – a remarkable “English” café. Opened 1946, it has the feel of the 60s, but definitely not “retro”. The food is simple – eggs, bacon, beans, pies, chips, bread and butter pudding. Authentic? It reminded me too of a US diner.

Definitely another third space[Link] – Paul (Noble) and I spent a long lunch here today in a conversation that took us from the mushroom omelette, chips and steak and kidney pudding through animal rights, cafés in Whitley Bay and along the north east coast of England, garbology and land fill sites, fonts and typography, to ancient Egypt and Akhetaten – “horizon of the Aten” – city of heretical pharaoh Akhenaten, with its field of offering tables.


Marco Schiavetta – he booms out the orders

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