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  1. Our collaboration started 2006. And in 2007, the Nissan concept car PIVO2 was made with a Robotic interface which was based on Cliff’s finding fact that the happy driver’s accident rate is drastically lower than a stressed one. So we made it for making the driver happy.

    Actually, I met him in this June for the first time at Stanford. My first impression is that he is amazingly positive to everything. I was so encouraged by his positive thinking. Finally in our talk, he kindly proposed to me that I should lecture in his class. It meant a big challenge to me. We were exchanging emails just before I left my home in Japan to travel to Silicon Valley.

    That was the exact day of Saturday 2nd Nov. I came to SV; he passed away. I couldn’t say any word for a while …

    Thanks to his wonderful faculty and colleagues around him, I could make my lecture in his class successfully. (I hope. I did my best.) I wonder if he was there, what he said about …

    Now, I still feel his encouragement to me. I will try my best along with his will, and to be positive and happy always.

    So long Cliff.

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