cars old and new at VAIL

The Revs Program series of conversations about the past, present, and future of the automobile [Link] and [Link] ended yesterday with a session at VAIL, the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory. David Russell brought his 2CV, Neil Pering his 1966 Lancia and Dick Tuttle his Peel Trident (the futuristic bubble car made on the Isle of Man in the 60s). Next to them here is Shelley the autonomous car.

Bill Barranco shared with us his experiences in car design with an optimistic view of automotive futures and new kinds of relationship with these most personal of artifacts (will the car go the way of the horse – more cherished perhaps than ever, in spite of its disappearance as a primary means of transport?). Bob Ogle, who has two electric Chevy trucks, showed us how even recent technologies such as the electric car have fascinating appeal as collectables, as contemporary heritage.

Here’s one of the images Bill shared with us (from his work recruiting car designers).

the extraordinary Peel Trident

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