Mark Bradford

We made it at last today to the Mark Bradford exhibition in San Francisco at SFMOMA – [Link] Exhibition website – [Link]

Maybe it’s about … tracing the ghosts of cities past. It’s the pulling off of a layer and finding another underneath. It’s the … details that point to people saying, “We exist; we were here.” (Art 21 Market > Place Interview with Mark Bradford)

Another wonderful case of the archaeological imagination in contemporary art.

Some of his works are like maps, landscapes of flows and connections, intermingled associations, but trivial, momemtary, quite abstract. Mark scavenges papers from around where he lives in LA. Billboards, ephemera, paper stuff that doesn’t matter, discarded, anything that comes his way. He reworks these found media through cutting, layering, recombination, sanding, gluing it all together on great canvases, or on the original billboard paper.

Scavenged art that attests to the noise of everyday life.

Mark Bradford

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