urban planning – human-centered and historically informed (introduction)

My fourth year visiting Rotterdam as a member of the International Advisory Board to the Mayor of this city and port, the largest in Europe, second only globally to Shanghai.

New construction – Maasvlakte 2 (and 1) – enormous artificial extensions of the port facilities out into the north sea.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb with members of the Economic Development Board.

It has taken me three years just to begin to get to know this extraordinary city.

A city still troubled by a colossal historical trauma.

The bombing of the city by German invading forces, on the afternoon of May 14 1940. Around 2.6 square kilometres (1.0 sq mi) of the city was almost leveled. 24,978 homes, 24 churches, 2,320 stores, 775 warehouses and 62 schools were destroyed.

More to come on memory and urban design …

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