Automotive futures – featured on iTunes

Leading Matters – Download free content from Stanford on iTunes.

The iTunes Facebook page is today featuring the event hosted by Stanford’s “Leading Matters” last May when we debated the future (and past) of automobility – see my blog entry here – [Link]

Here is what Apple says (on its wall at the moment – [Link] and [Link] )

iTunes is listening to Stanford’s finest professors on iTunesU

Leading Matters is an audio podcast that illuminates the pressing issues of the day. Compiled from over 80 presentations given at Stanford alumni events across the globe over the past three years, this series focuses on finding innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges facing the environment, health, education and international relations.

We must have hit the mark – considering that there are more than 600 universities and 350,000 free lectures on iTunesU, we are incredibly proud that Apple have chosen to feature our Leading Matters lectures.

We’re top of the list at the first link given above.

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