In the North East of England for the Binchester excavations –

Coquetdale – a remarkable valley to the north of Hadrian’s Wall. A fascinating archaeological landscape.

Lordenshaws – prehistoric rock carvings and hill fort.

Shillmoor – from when the borders settled down in the eighteenth century.

Harbottle – feudal border stronghold, motte and bailey; the Drake Stone, center skyline – a druidic “Draak” stone? [Link]

Woodhouses Bastle – fortified homestead from the days of the raiding Moss Troopers (Holystone Grange in the background)

Magical – Whitton Dean, in the middle ground, is noted for its fairy community, Simonside Hills, to the left, for its mischievous elves.

See also the entry on Chew Green.

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