remembering Michael Jameson

A sad occasion this afternoon – a remembrance service for Mike Jameson, my colleague in the Department of Classics here at Stanford. He died in August.

It was in Stanford Church – first time I had attended any kind of event there. A good turn out.

There were some very nice anecdotes told by friends and colleagues. He was not at all self-promoting, and many of us had little idea what a talent he was, because we didn’t cross paths much.

Mike was a pioneer in social and economic history, interested in ancient agriculture, slavery and sacrifice long before it was mainstream. And regional archaeological survey – again, leading the way in classical archaeology in the Argolid (and Chris Witmore is picking the project up and taking it forward). I like to think that this pioneering spirit is what Stanford Archaeology should be all about.

He was also a fan of British comedy – the Goons and after!

You don’t realize the loss until they’re gone – he was very welcoming when we were deciding to come to Stanford, but I never really got to talk to him once we got here.

He had a wonderfully open mind.

Some tributes – from Jim and Christina Dengate and Tom Boyd

New York Times

Those from the service will be available soon – [Link]

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