on the archaeological imaginary

I forgot to mention in my recent post three key thinkers who are working through the archaeological imagination.

Christine Finn, now at at Bradford UK, has been working on literary connections with the archaeological imagination for well over a decade. She has a new book out on Yeats and Heaney “Past Poetic”

Past Poetic

But she also spent a year in Silicon Valley monitoring its material culture, with the eye of archaeologist, ethnographer, and writing superbly as a journalist (her original calling). The book – “Artifacts”

Finn Artifacts

She is working at the moment on a great exponent of a humanities archaeology – Jaquetta Hawkes.

I have already made much of the work of Jonna Ulin and Fiona Campbell in Gothenburg who have pioneered new media in exploring the archaeological – see my blog from 11 June on their Borderline Archaeology

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