repatriation of antiquities

Latest in the concerns about artifacts as cultural property[Link – BBC][Link – BBC]

Aboriginal artefacts, including two early bark etchings, have been seized in Australia while on loan from two British museums.

Members of the Dja Dja Wurrung tribe secured an emergency order preventing the items being returned to the British Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The two bark etchings and a Aboriginal ceremonial headdress were on loan to Museum Victoria in Melbourne.

Gary Murray, of the Dja Dja, accused the museums of “colonial arrogance”.

Bark etching

Bark etching of boomerangs – c1845

It looks as well as though the British Museum is continuing to take a hard line over the Parthenon Marbles – refusing to discuss moving them back to Athens. It will be quite something if the Acropolis Museum in Athens ever gets built and stays empty!

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