more archaeological remediation

– Aperture Magazine

It is quite a week for archaeological photography. [Link] [Link]

The latest issue of Aperture [Spring 2004] has three photographers who work with remediated, digitally reworked imagery. Bringing together past and present with all sorts of tensions and layerings.

Loretta Lux does spooky portraits, very mannered, in an old painterly style of portraiture. Like John Currin’s paintings. Dare I say uncanny!


Hidden rooms 1 Loretta Lux

Paul Thorel created a series of massive abstracted images of human forms in the manner of ancient Greek kouroi and korai – for the Naples archaeology museum.

Yassaman Ameri’s photographs are photocollages (created in Photoshop) that mix old paintings, text, studio-style portraits of Iranian women, and other graphical elements – “a history of forgotten women, anonymous photographers, rootless exiles, and the most profound connection: across the sea, across cultures, through revolution and war, through an age.”

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