quotidian flux

Scanning the excellent detritus.net – dedicated to pratctices of recycling culture – I came across Mark Napier’s work. Barbie dolls (have a look!), found imagery in New York, and “negative space – an attempt to scan my entire appartment”.

Napier's sock

OK – it doesn’t get very far and is a little too whimsical for me, but here we are again in the material interstices of everyday life – the stuff of the archaeological.

Sam (Schillace) last year put me onto mc.clintock.com – a beautiful site that presents the contents of Matthew McClintock’s apartment in Chicago.

McClintock's minimalism

Clean – anarchaeological – without the grubbiness of Mark Napier’s stuff.

McClintock's cedar closet

Of course this is all a part of that familiar strain in modernism to deal in objets trouvés, readymades, everyday ephemera. An archaeological apogee reached in Daniel Spoerri’s Anecdoted Topography of Chance – the artist’s desk in Paris accompanied by incidental notes from anyone with anything to say about the bits and pieces on it at its particular moment.

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