heritage industry

Paul Brown, Guardian environment correspondent writes of the scale of the heritage industry in the UK.

The National Trust (owner of historic properties – from antiquity to yesterday – and of exceptional landscapes) – 3.3 million members, with new members signing up faster than the birth rate.

12.7 million visitors last year to paying sites – 200 houses and gardens, 49 industrial monuments and mills.
50 million visitors to Trust landscapes like coastlines – 612,000 acres of land, 600 miles of coastline.

It is the biggest organization in Europe.

Total vacation trips taken by UK residents in 2002 – 101.7 million. Of these 75 milion involved culture and heritage – 74%.

Total domestic UK spend in thes trips on heritage and culture in 2002 – 15.74 billion pounds, over 25 billion dollars.

(Source STAR UK)

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