Located Bodies

Antony Gormley at the Baltic Arts Center

Wonderful stuff. Anthropometrics, collaborative work, community based, questioning representational forms.

Allotment. Concrete boxes made to measure for residents of Malmo. All arranged in the gallery in social groups, and as a kind of miniature city scape.

Domain Field. Whole body casts made of some 250 volunteers from the north of England. A team of welders fit light metal strips within the casts, modeling form with lightly articulated silver lines. No boundaries to the body this time. And they gently sway as you walk among them. Each has a number corresponding to the person cast, named at the entrance to the gallery.

I see that Lev Manovich is in residence at the Baltic soon.

And we (Tim Lenoir, Haun Saussy) are running our freshman course Bodies in Place again this fall.

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